A winning picture

winningpic brings together photography from across the web by displaying photos from the popular photo sharing sites in a seemless, fluid interface. We currently support flickr and smugmug, and are working on adding more sites.

More exposure for your photos

For photographers, winningpic is a great place to showcase your work. Your photos will get more exposure through the site and the RSS feed of the daily and weekly top-voted photos. Because winningpic displays photos from several (ok, two right now, but we want to add more), photo sites, it's a great place to browse photos from outside your normal community, finding new friends and inspiration.

Something for everyone

For those that just like to look at great photos, winningpic provides a slick interface to do that, and makes it easy to share your favorites with your friends on twitter and facebook.

No registration or login is required to vote for your favorites or subscribe to the RSS feed of top-voted photos. Follow us on twitter to stay up to date with the latest developments.

How do I get my photos on winningpic?

Photographers can sign in with their flickr or smugmug account, and submit their photostream for consideration by winningpic.

Is winningpic copying my photos?

No. winningpic is an alternative viewer for the photos that are already publicly shared on sites such as flickr and smugmug.

winningpic doesn't copy, store, or host any photos. When you visit winningpic, you are viewing photos from the popular photo sharing sites.

winningpic follows the guidelines for such viewers by linking back to the original photo page on the origin site. By clicking this link, you can view the photo's author, copyright, comments, and other features of the origin site.

winningpic implements technology to help prevent users from downloading or saving your photos to their computer.

winningpic does not display (nor has access to) any private photos. All photos are designated as public at the origin site.

If you wish to prevent your photos from being displayed, let us know and we will promptly remove them, and prevent them from being displayed in the future.